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Sifu George Cassell started training at age 10 in a combined style of Shotokan karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. He continued this study through high school and began studying Bandit Style Wu-shu under masters Irwin and Mi. He became a teacher in the art form before leaving to join the US Navy. While there, he was tested and accepted into Naval SPECWAR (BUD/s) and continued his service in special intelligence and operations, as well as, coordinating Special Security and Operations under Admiral Mike McConnell (later to become Director of NSA). During his military career he received training from special operations, counter terror, and counter intelligence from DIA, the FBI, and other agencies. George has been privileged to train in multiple martial art forms over the years, one of the most effective later proving to be Krav Maga (with Mossad Specialists, CQC, and TACOPS). After his time in the military, he went to college and graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Management. While in school, he continued his studies in Bandit Style Wu-shu and earned the rank of Sifu in 1990.


Driven by his passion for the more practical art styles, George developed his own version of Shou Tao Kung Fu (Way of the Beast); incorporating the best of what he learned through decades of experience both on and off the field. After graduation, he eventually found work in the film industry where he specialized in production, water safety, and security on several projects including Titanic, SpherePhenomenon, and Real Steel. Through his background and experience, he was called upon to work as elite security for A-List Talent, including Hugh Jackman and George Clooney. 


George has been a guest teacher and speaker throughout the U.S. and is currently a consultant and professional coach for businesses and executives, helping people to achieve their personal goals and live more effective, productive, and fulfilling lives. He has continued to develop Way of the Beast and has trained many student to the level of Sibak and Sifu. Today, Sifu George Cassell has incorporated the best of military and martial arts training acquired over the last 40+ years into a program that not only teaches you how to defend yourself in case of an attack, but also increases your confidence and personal power, inevitably transforming every part of your life.


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